What to do when you realize you chose the wrong career?

Do you always ponder over your selection of career route? Regretting your choices and contemplating if you should have had think more about them? You did not consider your values, interest and skills and failed in determining the best career path for yourself? You chose your career for the sake of everyone? Because everyone said you will be good at it? Or did you think that the particular career you were opting would have more money as compared to others? Or you just wanted to impress others? Or the most common one, you chose a career path for the happiness of your parents?  Relax! What’s done is done! You need to understand that there is nothing like a wrong career decision. So smile!

Old practice new route



  • All your past career practices occurred for a cause, despite of the outcome.
  • Through your career experiences you have acquired precious deep understanding about yourself. Now accurately you know about your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, where you are lacking and what are you best at!
  • You may be expecting a different outcome out of your career choice but your expectations are dashed. But think it this way, what if the career that is frustrating you lead you in a fresh direction.
  • You have learned a lot in your career, it has developed you and grown you. You have made contacts with new people.
  • Definitely, the career you pursued have opened a wide array of opportunities for you and they are what you need to grab.
  • You wouldn’t have had the beneficial knowledge of your practice, the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize yourself, without the experience that yo5ur career provided you. So be happy about it!


  • It’s possible that you are frustrated experimenting, waiting years for your desired result in a lab or elsewhere.
  • You keep on thinking that you did everything right and made sensible decisions about your career, but what went wrong?
  • You can use the study of your domain, mix it with other skills and approach a different field.
  • This can save you time and efforts from being dissipated.


  • After heedful cogitation, you have to take the next step in your career.
  • Choose something which would not extinct your domain and your previous education, rather carve it into a new, different yet related career.
  • Unearthing a new satisfying career will be a turning point in your life and you will simply love the feeling.



Pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitting at the right places


  • Most of the time, trepidation starts to sneak inside you and it gets really tough to notice and acknowledge in the current time what was the worth of your pursued career.
  • However, while you glance back, and consider the opportunities further, it will all seem to you like a jigsaw puzzle fitting together, all loose ends meeting.
  • You may feel extremely embittered, and may not know it as of yet but segments of your career knowledge and skills will be very pertinent and beneficial to you if you approach it in the right way.



Doing your favourite things differently


  • If you don’t wish to work in a laboratory or in an office in your future and acknowledge the fact that it will not just be the right thing for you, then you can opt to pursue teaching.
  • It is time for you to approach your very same career differently. You can use your domain’s knowledge, skills and talent in teaching others what you know best and grow through it.



Stop being paralyzed and boost yourself up with a ‘go get it attitude’


  • When time comes for you to make the decision, remember never to numb yourself and never to be stuck on the same page for long.
  • Do not keep on thinking and analyzing for long days and months.
  • You need to rationalize your thoughts and act fast. Because there comes a time when overthinking and over torturing yourself becomes futile and bootless.



Taking up rational decisions by trusting your gut


  • There is a need to make your reasons sound, keeping in mind a balance of head and heart.
  • Even if you do deep research and survey there is a thing called sixth sense and gut that you need to follow.
  • A choice which matches with your principles, faith and standard is the one you should take up.
  • When you take up your required choice, you will encounter a sigh of peace.
  • You need to consider each option, and analyze which option make you feel warm and which make you feel chilled! And consider it accordingly. Favouring the warmest one!



Disguised as a bad career choice, although its an apple fallen from tree


  • You can convert the career which frustrates you into a career you love, by having three things – calmness , composure and time.
  • Your career path which you feel has turned catastrophic may have the otherwise results.
  • It may be embryonic but it can be developed and prove to be a manna from heaven.
  • As time passes by, things can become crystal clear and you may see a flyover to a sky. Your so called mistakes can prove to be benignly.



  • Never ending career


  • No career has an ending point, it’s an ever going process of choosing alternatives. On your career path you will progress, ripen and thrive.
  • It should not be an unnerving situation for you, rather you should feel aflamed with the number of opportunities and possibilities that you are likely to follow.
  • Your subsequent career decision will not be the limit, it will still have more to it.
  • Your career is a medium by which you phrase your principles, knacks and ardours.
  • It’s an apparatus which helps to advance to en route your aspiration and targets.

Depend on your strengths: To conclude, there is no wrong career choice but still there is one in which you abandon your own domain and skills which you pursued in your career and opt for a complete new one. Your strengths are the ones you should hold on to as they help you to react in a creative manner to the upcoming challenges. You should look for opportunities where your strengths are fully utilised in your career. The knowledge of your strengths will make you learn to deal with hurdles which crosses your way and also lets you single out the means to indemnify your weaknesses.