Universal studio was recently granted a patent for the concept of “Moving Puzzle Theatre” which was a entirely new concept. Each part of the unit can be configured into new shape, all while the show is happening around guest inside, without even them knowing what’s happening. It is not yet clear what the universal plans to do with this theatre concept, but it is rumored that the Dragon Challenge Rollercoaster in “The wizarding world of harry potter” is going to be replaced by something.

The Setup

the theatre rooms can individually move “inward” or “outward”,”sideways”or “vertically upwards” i.e. stack on one another. Without realizing how the theatre is moving this could offer quite shocking reveal for “passengers” when they step outside their rooms, to find the world around them completely altered.

Another patent “vehicle transportation room”

Another patent was recently granted for the “vehicle transportation room”. This would include a launch room with possible elements such as animatronics figures, fog, and strobe light. One of the patent images in front of fireplaces, which then magically open to make way for vehicles. Could this be an entrance into Harry Potter’s floo network.

With the popularity of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast Franchises, it seems that the universal studio would be adding some fun to new Harry Potter related attractions that could also use the moving theatre concept.

It would be of course technology for something very different. Either way if this theatre is ever built, it would be quite new innovative attraction.