In recent months Amazon has been awarded something interesting patent, including a storage facility that look like a beehive. But this latest one may top them all. Technology giants have obtained a patent, which is named “Aquatic Storage Facility”, which will allow it to be stored in “body of fluid”. Depth will be controlled by an attached cartridge and “ascend or descend within the liquid, as desired”. The cartridge reads the filing again “can be recovered on demand”.

Patent no. US9624034B1

Title “Aquatic storage facilities”. An item may be outfitted with a cartridge for varying a net density of the item and deposited in a body of liquid for storage. The cartridge may cause a net density of the item to exceed a density of the liquid, or to fall below the density of the liquid, and to descend or ascend within the liquid, as desired. The cartridge may also cause a net density of the item to equal the density of the liquid, and thus remain at a constant depth. The cartridge may be configured to receive acoustic signals or other forms of instructions for varying a net density of the item, and may send acoustic signals or other messages identifying a depth or position of the item. The cartridge may thus enable an item to be stored at any depth within the liquid, and be retrieved upon demand.

Amazon said that Alex’s device 911 cannot!

Amazon is very likely to automate the process, filing notes, with cartridge connected to a network. It can obtain acoustic signals or other forms of instructions, as well as the ability to send acoustic signals.

In filing, Amazon says: “Since today’s online marketplace offers a wide variety of customers – not limited to goods, services, products, media or information-centers, with the extended capabilities to grow larger and Complex facilities include 1 million square feet or more as replacement of high technology for big items and convenience storage areas.”

The company said that to prepare and send an order, “an employee member or robot may require several thousand feet or even miles of distance within a perfection center to recover the items. Where a customer submits multiple orders for goods, the items ordered for hard work of picking, packaging and ships should be repeated for each order. “Amazon’s premiere air ‘drone tower’ looks like a legendary Beehive and needs sound.


Apart from the water storage facility, Amazon has filed several other patents in recent months. These include the ability to compare the prices in your store between the predecessor one drone tower, parachute shipping label and many others. If the approved patent is designed to help reduce the cost of shipping, the subject is at the top of Amazon’s mind. In the recent quarter, there was a total expenditure of $ 4.7 billion, which was $ 3.7 billion a year ago.