Recently the tech giant Microsoft has been granted a patent for the apparently impossible thing, guess what it could, of course, a “transparent camera”.

Sounds pretty amazing right a “transparent camera,” the patent is only for housing, the cover for the lens and sensors which restrict stray light from hitting the sensor and interfering with your image being recorded, but which the tech giant Microsoft notes forms the most of the assembly.

However, the trick is that the camera sensors in which the tech giant Microsoft is interested are only for recording the infra-red or ultra-violet light, which is used by the “Windows Hello” face identification feature.

What is most absurd is the patent which was granted by the tech giant Microsoft will simply use a camera housing which will be transparent to visible light and dim to infra-red light. So, this would make the cameras less visually impertinent when used in near eye displays like used in the HoloLens headset or other VR headsets.

If we observe the observe diagram closely, then it is clearly visible that the camera could be pointed towards the eye, and  used for eye tracking. Next, the pointed outwards will be used for range finding and environmental sensing.

So, its just one of the HoloLens Patents which insinuate that the headset is the subject of deep R&D of tech giant Microsoft for which this tech giant will definitely achieve the sweet fruit for this unbelievable work in the next version of the headset which is mostly expected to arrive at the end of 2017.


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