As politician in United States continue to draft new legislation aimed at changing insurance, they ignore the real problem, which is actual cost of  healthcare. Victims of rising healthcarecosts include government health care problem, such as Medicaid and Medicare. In order to address the specific issues facing the problem.

Medicare is federal government healthcare primarily for people who are 65years of age or older, while Medicaid is a mix of federal and state health care for low-income indivisual. Mediacre was slowly expanded throughout the years and now includes everything from hospital to visit to prescription medication. In order to assist in keeping Medicare funded, the government has put together Strike Force team, to combat Medicare fraud and abuse.

Efforts by California

California attempted to combat healthcare spending in a creative way in . if the measure has passed the price of medication would have been significantly lowered for large amount of people. Although the measure did not pass in California ,the fact that it was on the ballot shows a shift in how legislation affecting healthcare is changing. One of the pillars of the pillar’s of Medicare part D prescription drug coverage, is that the government cannot negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. This along with unchecked drug prices, means that drug companies can pretty much charge , whatever they want.

Affordable Care Act

The idea was expanding Mediclaid would alleviate the “coverage gap”, that existed; the coverage gap were group of people who made too little to qualify for a government subsidy to cover their health insurance, but also made too much to qualify for Medicaid. The federal government tried to force the state to expand Medicaid coverage, to cover more people by giving them an utlitmatum. The supreme court sided  with the states and ruled that the federal government would completely cutoff Medicaid funding because it was too drastic of an action. There were cases in the past in which congress had successfully used its constitutional spending power to get states to implement news law, but the idea of cutting off Medicaid funding to states that refused too much here. Some states fought back and the case eventually made it way to the supreme court in case of National Federation of Independent Buisness vs. Sebelius.


While the government continues to work with insurance to fix” healthcare”, there are other ideas out there. One such ideas is to set up specific Medicare and Medicaid to find doctors who will see them so having the government set up facilities that are designed to primarily cater to this group would assist these people in finding heathcare. Finally, the United States may be able to fix its healthcare cost problem by looking to other countries for guidance. One such country to be looked could be India. With, such a large population, India is facing many of the same problems with respect to access and affordability of healthcare. The demographic and geographical difference between United States and India mean they have to tackle these problems a bit differently. The rising costs of healthcare affect people all around the globe. In United States Medicaid and Medicare, are available to protect the most vulnerable of population. However, without change to the cost of healthcare, the program may not be sustainable.