The new patent is for Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) a gear shift assembly for motorcycles. This new invention is an enhancement of the Jive’s clutch less transmission. The patent was filed in 2009 and has received the grant this year in the month may.

The TVS Jive was the first motorcycle in India to feature the clutchless gearshift mechanism Hero Honda Street was a step-through but it still required the riders to operate the foot peg-mounted shifter.

The SMT is an evolution of the clutchless gearbox that TVS used six years ago in its Jive. That time it failed to impress many buyers but now the company has improved the technology, taking inputs from the revolutionary AMT gearbox. The advanced unit will add buttons on the switchgear to perform the gear shifting action electronically, instead of using mechanical force by the rider. That means, you just have to press the button and an electric motor will take care of the shifting according to the rider’s preference.

TVS’ previous attempt for an unconventional two-wheeler transmission with the Jive failed due to some mechanical issues like larger shifting effort and unexpected behavior of the powertrain. However, the newly patented system works on electrical effort which will even reduce the human effort as compared to the conventional system.

What is AMT?

This is an automobile transmission that does not change gears automatically, but rather facilitates manual gear changes by dispensing with the need to press a clutch pedal at the same time as changing gears. It uses electronic sensors pneumatics, processors and actuators to execute gear shifts on input from the driver or by a computer. This removes the need for a clutch pedal which the driver otherwise needs to depress before making a gear change, since the clutch itself is actuated by electronic equipment which can synchronize the timing and torque required to make quick, smooth gear shifts. The system was designed by automobile manufacturers to provide a better driving experience through fast overtaking maneuvers on highways. Some motorcycles also use a system with a conventional gear change but without the need for manual clutch operation.

The claims say that:

The patented system could have handlebar-mounted gearshift switches.

The semi AMT mechanism used in the Jive actuated the clutch every time the rider operated the shifter and hence the leg effort required was more compared to an ordinary manual transmission. The new invention aims to eliminate this effort by adding another layer of automation to the same technology.

The newly patented gear assembly by TVS employs gearshift buttons that could be located on the handlebar switch gear. When the rider presses the button, it operates an electric motor which in turn actuates the gearshift mechanism and clutch. With ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, direction of the actuating motor can be changed.

The system can be implemented on both motorcycles and three-wheelers.

TVS says that this Semi AMT for motorcycles can also be extended to three-wheelers as well. Since the basic working principle remains identical to that of the manual transmission, there won’t be a drop in fuel efficiency as well.

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