A German manufacturer of deep freezers won a trademark fight with the Swedish Nav-Nazis in the name of the group – which the company says is very easily confused. For the Nordic Regency Movement (NRM) or short, the extremist group “Nordfrost wrote.” is similar to Nord Frost, the firm which claims to be the sixth largest producer of the world’s deep freezer. The NRM, which had registered “Nordfrost wrote.” with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, must now stop using the name.

About brands
Brands are phonetic and visually very similar; Apart from this, only one letter separates the brand. Besides, there are conceptual parallels between the trademarks where both can be related to geographical and meteorological conditions, “according to The Nordal, Nordhof wrote in his complaint.

The local Sweden Report
“Earlier this year, anti-racism foundation Expo said that the NRM was the driving force behind a surge in neo-Nazi activity in Sweden during 2016, with propaganda-spreading including the distribution of flyers and stickers their most common form of activity.”

Nordfrost wrote
In our opinion, there is a clear risk that the third party will accidentally know that there is a business link.