apply job onlinePeople often feel depressed and wonder why they are not getting even one interview call after applying for so many jobs using online job portals like,, etc. If you are fresher or about to complete your degree, you must be spending long hours sitting in front of computer and sending resumes. You must be getting job alerts in your inbox also, but you are not getting interview email.

So why does it happen? Is it you or is it them or job portals are fake?

Here are top 7 reasons why you never hear back from recruiters after sending your resume:

Reason #1: You have created general resume and sending same resume to every company.

A resume is your sales brochure and forms your first impression because it is your first document that an employer will look at. Resume will tell him about your level of professionalism and about your abilities to do the job.

Generally we make one resume and send to all companies. We don’t even bother to check whether it will match employer’s expectations or not.

Reason #2: Your resume contains mistakes.

Even the slightest mistake on your resume can get you in trouble even if you are qualified enough to get this job and you have all the skills.

 Reason #3: You haven’t keyword-optimized your resume or application.

Job descriptions always include keywords specific to the skills or attributes the company seeks in applicants. A close read of the job description is a important, as it will help you optize your resume and cover letter.

If the job description lists words in a certain order, e.g. a list of programming languages required, use the same order in your resume.

Reason #4 :Your resume isn’t formatted properly.

You might think distinctive formatting will set your resume apart, but automated programs don’t care if a document is pretty. Be consistent in formatting – consider using separate lines for former employer, job title, and years worked.


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Reason #5 :Your resume is substantially different from your online profile.

With advances in technology, more recruiters have started using social media sites like LinkedIn for head hunting.  So it‘s important to make sure they match what’s on your resume and is updated with job experiences or professional trainings.

Reason #6 :Your resume lacks skills required by potential employer.

Many people fail to form a good impression with their resumes because they make it too long and they add unnecessary things in the resume which forces the employer to reject it.

 People highlight educational qualifications in box and expect we will get job from degrees we have. But reality is there are lakhs of people with same degree. So there should be some extra skills to get competitive edge.



 Reason #7: You are not writing suitable email to recruiter.

Generally people send resumes to companies without subject line or email text/ body. Such emails are immediately deleted or marked as spam by recruiters.


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