Apple is working on transforming its biometric sensor into a secret panic button, if Touch ID is potentially being used to cry for help. If you are disturbed, expanded in a patent published for a week, this Prior to the week, Apple was given the so-called “Biometric Initialized Communication” The method depends not only on the ability of fingerprint sensor to differentiate between different fingers, but how they communicate, it can potentially mean that the use of Touch ID as an additional input to the iPhone 8 Is able to.


According to Apple’s patent filed in March 2013, this system depends on the touch processing module, which the company uses to read the fingers of one finger. On one hand, “the module can obtain fingerprint data from user input and can analyze the data to determine whether the input was entered with a particular finger or finger sequence or not. However, the “module can also acquire time data” the apple is continuing, to see if “a special time or rhythm” is used to tap your fingers three times in a row, perhaps, it is horror Warning can be identified as triggers; Apple force also discusses using data – on which you press the Touch ID sensor – to differentiate between input.

Interesting! Usefulness of single button

This is an interesting way to increase the usefulness of a button, though it surely remembers users how each pattern or pressure level is related to the device. As we have seen with HTC’s U11, which has embedded pressure sensors under the lower part of the phone, it can be worthwhile to start it traditionally while talking about new ways of input. HTC currently distinguishes between two holes with Android smartphones, although this way the door has been opened for further outline because users feel more comfortable with this concept.

Features of the ID sensor

Although the ability of such a supercharged Touch ID sensor is widespread, while the apple specifically tells its potential for personal protection. Patents suggest that the combination of a certain pattern or pressure – or both – can be used to call “emergency services, without any emergency or other invasive person who inspires emergency calls” Additionally, the iPhone can send GPS location data to the traffic message, or start streaming audio and video to record what’s happening. The right input could trigger an iPhone to wipe itself of personal data, for instance.



Along with any patent, mind, there is no guarantee that what has been discussed as a prospect will actually be a graduate in the real product. Despite this, this year it is being given a lot of attention to what Apple will do with the Touch ID sensor set to make the iPad 8 out of its familiar location under touch screen, so that the functionality can be far away. .