Future Apple’s AR/VR Headset gets more investments from the largest LED manufacturer of Taiwan 

From a report filed on February 2016 in Patently Apple's says that, ”Apple could use a Micro-LED Display for a Future VR Headset” it suggests that the Venture capitalist John Doerr of KPCB described LuxVue Micro LED technology as being a technical breakthrough on displays. After this from an report filed in EETimes report suggests [...]

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ZeniMax sues Oculus VR

ZeniMax Media filed suit against Oculus VR today, accusing the virtual reality headset manufacturer and its founder, Palmer Luckey, of misappropriating trade secrets. The Oculus Rift is being constructed on trade secrets that Oculus VR's founder and half a dozen of ZeniMax's former employees now working at Oculus improperly possess, ZeniMax alleges. The company also argues that Oculus is [...]

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