What Is Intellectual Property? Defining IP Rights and Protections

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property refers to the body of law that protects creative works, designs and inventions.It also  provides registration procedures for creators and inventors to gain additional right and access to increased protection. Usually it is divided into Industrial property and Copyright. Industrial property refers to patents and trademark as well as [...]

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How long does a Trademark last?

There would be little point in registering a trademark only to have it expire while you are still in business. Fortunately, once you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it can be protected by the law for a indefinite period of time. However, in order to maintain your trademark protection [...]

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Downfall of US Patent office and creating a portfolio therein 

According to the recently uploaded article THE HILLS , we come to know about the recent status of the USA Patent and Trademark Office since the last 12 years of their up growth , the American inventors have invested a huge sum of money for their inventions but were not given such royal ethics [...]

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A Call to Immediate Patent Improvement

The US Patent System is the primary contributor to the US economy. Since the establishment of the nation, the patent system has promoted innovation culture, which is directly responsible for inventions, which is more than all the inventions collected in all the major civilized areas in all thousands of years. However, the U.S. There [...]

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Rollator hybrid a new Wheelchair patent receives by Active Body, Inc.

  A startup in Active Body, Inc., Atlanta, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released US Patent 9, 649, 2336 for a new and innovative wheelchair concept. The patent is related to the design of an active body for a wheelchair roller hybrid, which features a robot lift which will [...]

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