Samsung files a Patent for “Environmental Sensor”

Samsung is developing  "Environmental Sensor" according to the Patent office of South Korea, as reported in GSMarena. Having a look at the graphics in the document, the sensor most likely will detect a number of particles along with the change resistance and will provide data about air quality. It will be built into smartphones, [...]

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Possibilities Galaxy S9 Design Revealed

A possible design of Galaxy S9 is revealed in newly uncovered patent which Samsung was given in its home country by Korean Intellectual Property Rights Office. The image shown below is a compilation of all designs Samsung submitted as a part of its compilation, indicating that the Galaxy S9 may sport essentially no bezels and [...]

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Samsung gets its approval over design patent for having its own Star Trek-like communicator for the USS Enterprise 

On Tuesday Samsung was granted a design patent for a wearable communications device that they show pinned to a T-Shirt or Jersey. The crew of the USS Enterprise used to wear these if we recall. So the question arises in our mind that- Is Samsung thinking of cashing in the Star Trek craze for this [...]

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Cheat Sheet: The most important IP questions facing in-house counsel

The most prevalent IP issues and provides experts insight on how they may in-house counsel 1. How will the war between Apple and Samsung end? Experts disagree on whether this long-running , global patent battle with a settlement or a trip to the supreme court, but many agree that this outcome will have a [...]

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Samsung forms Strategic Alliance with PayPal

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd today announced an extended strategic partnership with PayPal Holdings, Inc., which will add PayPal as a payment method to Samsung pay, where Samsung is accepted - in-app, online and in- Access to Store PayPal will be available to all Samsung users in the United States and will soon expand to [...]

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