How to make a resume: Guide to computer science students

Computer science is a very exciting field combining computer with science and engineering. The latest technologies and its application in bioinformatics which includes drug designing put computer science in high demand. This field is an emerging field these days and many people are looking forward to this field to make their career. To start [...]

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Most Essential Resume Building Tips for Career Growth

Some people dream of success, while others wake up and make a resume The resume focuses on you and the past and the cover letter focuses on the employer and the future so tell the interviewer what you can do to benefit his company in the future. Whether you call it a curriculum, vitae, [...]

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Top 7 Reasons: Why you never hear back after applying for job online?

People often feel depressed and wonder why they are not getting even one interview call after applying for so many jobs using online job portals like,, etc. If you are fresher or about to complete your degree, you must be spending long hours sitting in front of computer and sending resumes. [...]

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