The Parts of Patent Application,what are they?

And what is to be put up in the utility, design, the provisional patent application is very important as all require similar elements but the utility patent application have the most requirements. The application of patents generally consists of the complete application, drawing and the filing fee, the oath or declaration. Oath or Declaration you [...]

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8 of my favorite ‘Stupid Patents’

Patents play a pretty significant role for innovation providing the incentive of a 20year monopoly on an invention.Inventors may be willing to pour in their own time and resource and can attract investors with the promise of monopoly power of the product. While patents are undoubtedly an important piece of innovation pipeline, highly patentability standard [...]

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A Smart Speaker for home, newly patented by Samsung

From a recent news reported in Patently Apple says that -”Samsung’s President of Mobile Communication has confirmed that a smart Speaker is in fact coming to Market” which was first caught in sight in early July. The Speaker has smart features like a master unit used for the purpose of communication with a series [...]

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The importance of a quality patent search for strategic monetization of innovation

The first stage consists of the uncovering the innovation from engineers of company’s R&D departments, which is not always as easy as it sounds given that many engineers and scientists do not have real familiarity with patent laws, so they do not always appreciate what can and should be protected. Properly used, a quality [...]

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Invention to Patent 101 – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

So you have an idea and want to get it patented? But before there are number of things that you need you absolutely need to know about the inventions and patient process that can help you focus your effort. Great dividends are paid by understanding the obstacle lay in front of you, in short [...]

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The Age of Hypersonic Flight Will Completely Change How We Travel

What is hypersonic flight? Hypersonic Flight Experiment or HEX was the first test flight in the RLV Technology Demonstration Programme of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The demonstration trials will pave the way for a two-stage-to-orbit (TSTO) fully re-usable launch vehicle. HEX was launched on 23 May, 2016. Objectives HEX was the first [...]

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