What is a Patent and from Where do Patent right come from?

A Patent is a propitiatory right granted by federal government pursuant to laws passed by Congress. Patents, which convey to the owner exclusive rights to the claimed invention, are granted to inventors who file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are three types of patents available in Unites States 1) Utility Patent which covers [...]

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Understanding the Patent Law Utility Requirement

In order for the patent application to fulfill the utility requirement, the claimed invention must be "useful" for some purpose either explicitly or implicitly. Most often the applicant will make explicit utility statement in a patent application but this is not always necessary. Utility problem usually arises in one of the two scenarios. Firstly why [...]

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Do I Need a Patent or Trademark? Alternatives to Registering IP

Intellectual Property is one the most prized possessions of any business. However if you are a small business protecting it, might be a challenge. There are several reasons for this but the biggest one is financial. Patenting inventions is extremely expensive, starting at $530 just for filing and processing the patent, with a further $300 [...]

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The Quid Pro Quo – How Bad Patents Can Harm A Startup Company

Generally inventors are often unaware of the quid pro quo, that is fundamental to patent system. The display their invention to the world along with the process of making the invention, in return the government gives them the right in form of patents. One of the option for the inventors is to not file [...]

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Patent Prosecution 101: Understanding Patent Examiner Rejections

A complete and exhaustive rejection of all the various procedural options that exists after various types of rejection have been received goes beyond the scope of thus primer. Nevertheless what follows is intended to give some basic understanding of the consequences and options facing patent applicants  after they have received rejection. And while this primer [...]

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What is a patent and where do patent rights come from?

A patent is a proprietary right granted by federal government. There are three types of patents available in United States utility patent, which covers the functional aspects of products and processes. design patent, which covers the ornamental designs of useful objects a plant patent, which covers a new variety of living plants Each confers the [...]

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