This Patent by Apple takes Technology to Parallel Dimension

The recent patent by Apple that reveals plans for a futuristic pen that can write on any surface without touching the screen. Apple is already developing a futuristic pen or stylus that lets users draw on any surface including in mid-air. In recently filed patent the Silicon Valley Giant describes how the pen-like device [...]

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How to get a patent faster?

Patent Pending Patent gives the inventor exclusive right over the invention in return of disclosing the invention to the public. If an inventor discloses the invention befire filing the patent then the bargain is broken. Getting a patent is more difficult after you have disclosed the invention. How to get Patent Quickly? Provisinal patent [...]

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Patent Drafting: Real Focus on Uniqueness

From a conceptual standpoint is would seem logical to assume that writing text to describe an invention ought to to be easy for the inventor of the invention. While that probably makes sense in theory and reality it just does not play out that way. This is true not because the inventor does not know [...]

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An Inventor’s Guide to Being Taken Seriously by Patent Attorneys

It is very important for inventors to understand that there is reluctance among some patent attorney's to take on independent investors' as clients. This is at least in parts because some independent inventors take up extraordinary amount of time and rarely convert into clients. Even if they do convert into clients many want to pay [...]

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An entrepreneurs guide to patents: The Basics

History Patent systems and other monopoly have been used throughout Europe for hundred of years. The issue was so paramount to the U.S. Founding leaders that they included its basic description in the Constitution. One of the key principles of the patent system is to serve as an incentive for innovation. The incentive is created [...]

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