Against Sale of Cipla’s Copy of Novartis’: ‘Onbrez’

Cipla from manufacturing and selling a generic version of Novartis’ patented respiratory drug ‘INDACATEROL’(sold as ‘Onbrez’).The judgment is significant in that it acknowledges ‘public interest’ as a separate factor to be considered for grant of an interim injunction, although it was found to play no role in the case. The court rejected Cipla’s ‘public interest’ argument [...]

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Novartis- Cipla : Royalty Agreement

Cipla is adopting every tactical strategy to compel Novartis to negotiate royalty agreement and give him license to manufacture “Onbrez Breezhaler” at low cost in India. What is “Onbrez Breezhaler” ? This drug is treatment for bronchitis. Inhalation device is designed to deliver the medicine contained in the capsules.The EU approved the Onbrez Breezhaler [...]

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Hearing for Novartis Glivec case

Patents on pharmaceuticals are a contentious issue for many countries around the world, for the obvious reason that the average person in most countries can’t afford to pay for brand-name drugs. The patent battle over Glivec is, needless to say, bitter and complicated. The argument for providing a patent to glivec (imatinib mesylate), a [...]

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