Microsoft’s New Augmented Reality Patent is going to put keyboards at stake

So long using keyboards has become has become a necessity for everyone nowadays. The software giant envisions a holographic keyboard to accompany its AR/VR environment. In the quest, the future of typing may not include a keyboard. Microsoft's newly granted patent for " Holographic Keyboard Display", describes what future of text input looks like. Using [...]

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An embedded fingerprint reader is Microsoft’s recent patent about

Microsoft's fingerprint technology is patented in a while. We have already come across familiar patents last year and now we are seeing the new patent filing, potentially describing similar implementation. The latest patent technology describes a system with a photosensitive layer underneath the glass detects and stores the underneath data through the glass itself. [...]

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A new step in Augmented reality by Microsoft’s newly patented wand 

After the invention of the VR motion controllers Microsoft goes for its next leap in Augmented reality by the newly invented Augmented-reality wand; as of much heard about that Microsoft is being working long for a year on the Windows Mixed Reality headsets but the ideas of the Hololens were yet unrevealed. So now [...]

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Trademark law: Microsoft’s secret weapon in the ongoing struggle against fancy bears?

Representatives of the notorious hacking unit known as fancy brothers failed to defend against a lawsuit brought by a federal court in Virginia. Microsoft is launching a quiet war in the court against the threat group, which is considered to be associated with Russia's Foreign Intelligence Agency GRU. For now, the company has managed [...]

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Future Surface Device shown by Microsoft’s recent patent

A patent filed by Microsoft was seen yesterday, and it is pointing to a magnetic USB type-C (male) connector. It is said that this could be Microsoft's solution in changing its current surface connector for future USB-C ready surface devices. Background Last month, Microsoft launched its new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet [...]

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