Mercedes-Benz is in Dutch with China’s Chery over its EQ Brand Name

China’s Chery Automobile Company has filed a formal complaint against Daimler AG over is usage of “EQ” as designation for an upcoming lineup of Mercedes-Benz electric cars. That’s bad news for Benz, as China possesses the world’s largest EV marketplace and Daimler has already begun promoting its future electric lineup using the name. In [...]

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Chinese Automaker Suing Mercedes For Trademark Violation

In a shocking twist of fate and hypocrisy, Chinese automaker Chery, known for using ripped-off designs from established automakers for some of its own cars like many Chinese automakers do, is suing Mercedes-Benz in Chinese court for trademark infringement, according to Reuters. The Chinese government is notoriously relaxed when it comes to its own companies plagiarizing designs [...]

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