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Protecting traditional knowledge in India

Traditional knowledge so called local knowledge or indigenous knowledge terms as the knowledge which come from the local communities and tradition of regional technology areas. It is the technology which has orally passed over generation from person to person. The world intellectual property organization (WIPO) defines Traditional knowledge as “indigenous cultural and intellectual property” [...]

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National news

Public interest litigation filed against the grant of GI to Tirupati Laddu has been held not maintainable. Madras High Court has dismissed Public interest litigation filed against a petition challenging the patent rights of Tirupathi – Tirumala Lord Venkateswara Temples famous prasatham “Laddu.” While dismissing the petition challenging granting of geographical indication tag to [...]

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US Bayh Dole Act

The legislation proposed by MST (ministry of science & Technology) has been modeled on the United States' Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act commonly known as Bayh-Dole Act (BDA) that came into existence in 1980. BDA created a uniform patent policy for the universities to own rights to patent resulting from federal funded research [...]

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