Germany has Handheld the European Patent Law

European law states: European patent law covers a wide range of legislations including national patent laws, the Strasbourg Convention of 1963, the European Patent Convention of 1973, and a number of European Union directives and regulations in countries which are party to the European Patent Convention. For certain states in Eastern Europe, the Eurasian [...]

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Delinking Cancer Drug Prices from R&D Costs

During the upcoming World Health Assembly, taking place from 22-31 May, a resolution on cancer is expected to be before the Assembly, following a discussion in January at the World Health Organization Executive Board with no consensus on the language (IPW, WIPO, 2 February 2017). According to a source, WHO delegates met today at [...]

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European CoJ Tightens Screws on “Streaming”

In a judgment this week, the European Court of Justice ruled that “the sale of multimedia player which enables films that are available illegally on the internet to be viewed easily and for free on a television screen could constitute an infringement of copyright. In the case referred to the Luxembourg Court from the [...]

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EU tempted by too many safeguards limiting the scope of blind treaty

As the ratification by the European Union of an international treaty creating an exception to copyright for visually impaired people nears, a leaked text shows that the directive implementing the treaty in the EU might come with safeguards limiting the scope of the treaty, allegedly pushed by the publishing industry. According to the document, [...]

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At last Samsung has something to cheer about. USPTO have rejected US Patent No. 7469381 on 15th October, 2012 which was Apple’s rubber band patent. The patent office decision is an initial ruling and it will probably be challenged by Apple.It affects the patent for Apple’s “rubber banding” or “bounce” feature, which makes the [...]

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Google wins Adwords Battle against Louis Vuitto

The European coat of justice has ruled that google is not liable for trademark infringement by allowing companies to use rivals trademark as advertising key words through its Ad words programme. The court ruled that although google provides a plateform for the adverts, it is responsibility of individual advertiser to ensures that thy do [...]

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