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Trump’s Trade mark continues its march across the globe

For most of last year, Donald J. Trump’s application to register trademarks for his brand of home accessories languished in a government office in Lima, Peru. But since Mr. Trump was elected in November, the pace has picked up. A six-month-old request to register his brand of sheets, duvets, towels and other goods, now selling [...]

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President Donald Trump, has issued an executive order , pertaining to streamline regulations by eliminating regulations that inhibit job creation, eliminate jobs, or that are inconsistent with government initiative and policies. The frequently asked question is whether patents are important for economic success or whether they are relevant for job creations or high paying [...]

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GOP Tech Plans Aims at H1-B Visas, Taxes, and Patent Law

Senator Orrin Hatch unveiled an ambitious agenda to boost the US tech industry which included proposed reforms to contentious issues like immigration and corporate tax policy. In a speech announcing an “innovation agenda” for the new congress, the senator also touted his ties with the president trump and said he would act as a [...]

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