First Sale Doctrine under the copyright law

A Copyright owner' s right of distribution is limited by first sale doctrine, which is an exception to the Copyright Act. The first sale doctrine is a legal principle that limits the right to control content after a work has been sold for the first time. The first sale doctrine states that once a copyright [...]

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How Do I Send a Copyright Infringement Notice or Letter?

What is Copyright Infringement? A Copyright Infringement is the use of music, artwork, paintings etc that could be any protected work by the copyright law without the permission. Use of these work without permission infringes the copyright owner's exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and make derivative work of original work. The steps you [...]

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Copyright for Authors

Why is it important for authors? Copyright is extremely important to authors because it constitutes the ownership of one original work. Having ownership means you can protect your work as intellectual property and control who makes money off it, ideally you and those to whom you assign rights. According to the U.S. government, "Copyright is [...]

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Advance Program on Copyright and related right

Copyright relates to literary and artistic creations, such as books, music, paintings and sculptures, films and technology-based works (such as computer programs and electronic databases). In certain languages, copyright is referred to as authors’ rights. Although international law has brought about some convergence, this distinction reflects an historic difference in the evolution of these rights [...]

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