Final legal of battle over Anti-cancer Drug patent: Roche Vs Cipla

The recent decision accomplished in the Roche V. Cipla patent infringement case in the high Court over Cipla’s Generic version of Anti-cancer Drug Erlotinib. The case is the first Patent Litigation in India post India’s 2005 Product Patent Regime which included public interest and pricing issues in addition to India’s Section 3d that prevents [...]

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Against Sale of Cipla’s Copy of Novartis’: ‘Onbrez’

Cipla from manufacturing and selling a generic version of Novartis’ patented respiratory drug ‘INDACATEROL’(sold as ‘Onbrez’).The judgment is significant in that it acknowledges ‘public interest’ as a separate factor to be considered for grant of an interim injunction, although it was found to play no role in the case. The court rejected Cipla’s ‘public interest’ argument [...]

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Novartis- Cipla : Royalty Agreement

Cipla is adopting every tactical strategy to compel Novartis to negotiate royalty agreement and give him license to manufacture “Onbrez Breezhaler” at low cost in India. What is “Onbrez Breezhaler” ? This drug is treatment for bronchitis. Inhalation device is designed to deliver the medicine contained in the capsules.The EU approved the Onbrez Breezhaler [...]

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Indian Generics Merry

Year 2012, has been a stupendous year for Indian generic companies. After the grant of first compulsory license to Natco Pharmaceuticals on 5th March, 2012, Cipla won the case against Swiss drug maker F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd in the Delhi high court on 7th September, 2012. A single judge bench of Delhi high court [...]

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