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What are the criteria for Patentability in your Jurisdiction? In China, there are three types of patents Invention Utility Model Design Only invention patents are subject to substantiative examinations. All patent application must first pass the patent-eligibility bar: An invention patent application must be directed to a new product or process of a technical nature. [...]

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UK-China symposium on IP system

IP system adapts technology trends as depicted in the UK-China symposium held in September. Attendees of 2017 UK-China symposium heard how the intellectual property system is adapting to technology trends such as AI and big data. The 'Future proofing the IP system' event, which attracted over 200 delegates was co-hosted by UK's Intellectual Property [...]

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China follows India on compulsory license

Compulsory license under Article 31 of TRIPS means “Non-Voluntary” license to domestic producers “without authorization of the right holder” under “national emergency” or “extreme urgency” so long as due process requirements are met. The Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property formally recognizes Member’s rights to grant compulsory licenses in cases of abuse [...]

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