Amazon Files a patent to bring drones to effective action in India

The firm says that the proposed drone can be used to identify other such objects, along with aircraft, plying with Indian skies. As a part of its effort to use drones to handle some of its operation, online marketplace giant Amazon Inc has filed a patent application in India for exclusive rights on multi-fiducial [...]

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Amazon ‘1-Click’ patent expires today

Amazons 1-Click Business method expires today. That means it’s a threat now as anyone could duplicate the process on an e-commerce site and across the internet. Issued originally in 1997, the patent was the subject of controversy and litigation at the same time.  Amazon 1-Click patent's basic description  When you place your first order [...]

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Could this be key to the company’s future in healthcare? Amazon’s  recent Patent

Amazon's recent patent points toward wireless heartrate detection feature. It enables wireless heart-rate detection using only your smartphone camera. On September 5th, 2017 the US Patent & Trademark Office approved Amazon’s December 2014 filing for US 9,750,420 B1, FACIAL FEATURE SELECTION FOR HEART RATE DETECTION. Few weeks back this giant was awarded patent for [...]

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Lightning fast delivery of parcels, by Drones from Amazon’s flying warehouse wins patent

A giant flying warehouse of Amazon gets its patent filed which is responsible for the lightning fast delivery of parcels from the the warehouse by the help of drones carrying the parcel to the customers for fulfillment of multiple orders within a very short period of time which is more convenient and less time [...]

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Skills you need to learn from Amazons’ Corporate Counsel

'Corporate counsel' refers to a lawyer who works solely for a single business or organization, where they provide legal advice and protection for their employer. In addition to earning a Juris Doctor, they must pass a state bar exam before practicing. Candidates who specialize in corporate law are preferred by the majority of employers. [...]

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