2017 patents

How to talk about your non-patented inventions without having your idea stolen?

About Patent A Patent is a legal document granted by the government giving inventors the exclusive right to make, use, sell an invention for a specified number of years. Patents are also available for significant improvement on previously invented items. The main aim of the patent system is to encourage inventors to advance the state [...]

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Future Surface Device shown by Microsoft’s recent patent

A patent filed by Microsoft was seen yesterday, and it is pointing to a magnetic USB type-C (male) connector. It is said that this could be Microsoft's solution in changing its current surface connector for future USB-C ready surface devices. Background Last month, Microsoft launched its new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet [...]

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Tech Evolution: lead free electronic solders

What Soldering actually is? Soldering is a process by which two items are joined together by melting a filler metal with low melting point and pouring liquid metal onto a joint , is a process through which many important metal working processes today, from manufacturing electronics to installing plumbing pipes. For a long period [...]

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Jaguar Land Rover is the Latest to Patent an Active Aero System

Jaguar Land Rover is the latest automaker to patent an active aerodynamics system, though the British brand’s concept of adaptable aerodynamics is unique. A recently published application in the U.K. details what the British automaker is calling a “vehicle aerodynamic apparatus,” and it’s quite different than existing active aero systems. Chevy recently patented an [...]

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Fresh twist over patent on Cancer Drug

The fight over the steeply priced cancer drug XTANDI(enzalutamide), used in prostate cancer has taken interesting turn, with a clutch of civil society, organisations including Union for Affordable Cancer Treatment and Health Global Access Project, urging University of Califirnia to withdraw its case and cease efforts to obtain patent in India. The drug was [...]

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