Information and Broadcasting Secretary Ajay Mittal on Tuesday said the government was pushing for a stringent Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) regime to protect the interest of the media and entertainment industry. “At the core of the health of this industry lies the ability to protect intellectual property (IP) both for the content creator and distributor, who look to monetize content. We continue to push towards ensuring that IP laws are implemented and guard the industry against piracy,” he said at the FICCI Frames.

Implementation of new national IPR policy

Ajay Mittal said that ministry was in talk with department of industrial policy and promotion, on implementation of new national IPR policy and will be constituting a copyright board to introduce policy measures in this regard .Mittal further said that the government was so seriously considering the issued raised by the industry regarding censorship.
“We have already received a report by a committee chaired by a committee shred by Shyam Benegal about working of the central board of film certification (CBFC). The matter is now being considered by the government and soon some of the major concerns that have been expressed would be looked into.” he said
Mittal pointed out that the media and entertainment has grown at the outmost twice the rate GDP and the sector comprising TV, films, print ,radio, animation, video games, and other media is expected to grow at a CAGR OF 14% by 2020, which is almost the double of global rates.

Governments Focus

The government is also  focussing on creating suitable kids content ,he said, adding the measure would include dubbing and subtitiling of other language content . the I&B secretatry further said the government will go  ahead with more FM radio auction as it was still an “untapped opportunity”.

“two phases of FM auction have taken place with 164 channels and as many as 103 cities getting license, and we are going ahead with that because we feel this is one area where the potential has not being tapped yet.”the official added.