From a recent news reported in Patently Apple says that -”Samsung’s President of Mobile Communication has confirmed that a smart Speaker is in fact coming to Market” which was first caught in sight in early July. The Speaker has smart features like a master unit used for the purpose of communication with a series of secondary units which prevails all over the home. This patent reports were seen in the utility patent file application uploaded in the Patently Apple. A digital assistant named ‘Bixby’ is synced with the video projector inbuild in the smart Speaker .The system is designed in a certain way to resemble the head and face of a robot which enables the device to physically move when spoken to as well as redirect video responses or the playing of video content onto a nearby wall with its built-in projector.

An overview of the connectivity of the smart Speaker in a living room-

Samsung’s patent illustrated below depicts an exemplary device, depicting the rotational range of the device’s shelled-head. Herein the figure describes about the structural functions of the newly patented smart speaker launched by Samsung.

Speaker specification

More specifically, according to Samsung, it says that patent FIG. 6 depicts- the exemplary interactive device #10 which is shown to include a head #11 and a body #12. The head includes a head shell #13 and the internal projector screen #80 that includes a user interface (UI). The sensor #30, which is a camera in this particular embodiment, is positioned behind and on the inside of the internal projector screen. The microphone #150 is positioned to the side of the internal projection screen to resemble ‘ears.’ In this particular embodiment, the speaker #160 is positioned at the bottom of the body.

Samsung also notes the following features of the smart Speaker as listed below-

Visual display- It has a multi-modal display system which is configured to project the visual content over a large surface or on a small screen is also customised for one set of projection system which has the application to display the visual content for example different images or videos on different processes to fulfill the user’s need under various circumstances.
Automatic projection- it suggests that , when a user is very close to the device the content displayed on a small internal screen of the device, while when the user is far from the device the content is being displayed on a larger external surface via projection ; for example on a wall, tabletop, or floor. The switches in between the small display mode and the large display mode has the capability which may be manual or automatic.

Circuit system of the smart Speaker and it functioning process


In Samsung patent background, it states that the electronic devices are becoming increasingly multi-functional moreover the functions that were once served by two or three separate devices are now combined into a single multi-functional device. For example, while a fax machine, a scanner, and a copier used to require three separate machines that each only performed one function, a single machine today can serve all three purposes. Such multi-functionality minimizes clutter and simplifies life.
On the other hand one of the areas where it is difficult to consolidate a plurality of devices into a single device is the area of display devices; while until now we have seen, a display device which has a specific fixed displayed size and can only display the images on that fixed-size display. For example, a digital clock has a small display, and a user has to stand close to the clock to read the visual content. It is also difficult to consolidate a large screen function like a television with a small-screen device like a tablet into a single multi-functional device and achieve significant space or the size reduction.
While here comes the need of the new invention which would have a single device that can fulfill both large-screen functions and small-screen function is desired on which this patent report of Samsung is being based on.