U.S. The patent office published two patents of Samsung which included the possible future design and utility patent, which covers the speed sensitive method of controller’s future, their smart speakers but now faster under the Samsung gun Smart speaker device to bring in the market so that they can catch up with Apple’s homepod, which is this fall and Google, Amazon and Mike On Rosoft market has already introduced before the other smart speaker devices.
Samsung’s new digital assistant is known as ‘Bisby’, which is running as fast as possible and apparently to cut the edge, he has decided to renovate a speaker device, which he originally Was launched in 2015. Unlike the Wall Street Journal’s anemic report, today’s report covers a detailed description of the possibilities for the first time in 2018.
According to a newly posted detailed report, Samsung Electronics’ voice-activated smart speaker will reportedly be unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018. The unit is described as coming in both a “Wireless 360-Deree Audio” style and an “All-in-One Soundbar” style for the TV.

Wireless 360-Deree Audio
It was released by Samsung in 2015, is a portable speaker offering multi-room capabilities with 360 degrees of sound in every room. The All-in-One Soundbar comes with a subwoofer, which tends to output a powerful low-pitched sound, and boasts a sophisticated design that will accentuate your television.

Why Samsung Electronics has decided to offer the two systems for AI speaker?
Samsung Electronics has decided to offer the two systems for AI speaker in order to widen customers’ options. While Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, the first home appliance powered by its Bixby voice assistant, considered the fact that the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and was designed to help connect the whole family, the Wireless 360-Deree Audio can be used indoors and outdoors and at home and office.

Samsung’s AI speaker powered by Bixby will provide a whole different level of Internet of Things (IoT) experiences rather than just connecting Samsung’s home appliances. Bixby, which is currently introduced in the company’s premium Galaxy S8 smartphone and Family Hub Refrigerator, is continuously learning new situations and contexts based on an interaction with customers.
The updated speaker device will also learn and upgrade itself instead of simply performing tasks with voice command. Samsung’s AI speaker will have a stronger voice recognition system and individual account of each family member.

Samsung Electronics plans
To establish a hyper-connected society, which can connect between not only home appliances but also financial and medical systems and automobiles, by making use of its AI speakers.
Under the Samsung’s mobile environment, Bixby is already connected with Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, an identity management service through biometric authentication. So, Samsung Electronics will allow customers to use banking services, make a doctor’s appointment and operate a car by talking to the AI speakers at home through the voice command feature.
The illustration below provides various views of a possible future smart speaker device that will offer a flexible display as revealed by a Samsung design patent published earlier this year by the U.S. Patent Office.