One of the major reasons why the world has taken a quantum leap in terms of technology is due to the vast development in the field of electronics. The field of electronics merges with any given domain and has application in almost each and every object you see around today.

Aspects of IPR associated:

  • Patent
  • Copyright

Electronics is a complicated area of study in terms of IPR with products ranging from end to end. Electronics and communications mainly comprises of the integrated circuit boards. These boards can be protected by IPR either in terms of the product or the design of the board.

In India, we have designed a separate type of IPR for protection, Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design. This is an unique and special aspect designed for the layout designs keeping in mind that they cannot be patented. But the patent protection exists for the products.

1. Protection of Designs

In electronics, a blue print of an integrated circuit is developed first and then the product is produced. In India, under Section 3, the topography of an integrated circuit cannot be patented. Hence we had developed a certain type of IPR. SCILD provides the flexibility and helps in protecting the design.


2. Semiconductor Intellectual Property Core

In an electronic design, a portion or unit of logic or chip layout is present which is reusable. This reusable cell is the intellectual property core or IP block. These cores can be licensed to another party.
The term is derived from the licensing of the patent and/or source code copyright that exist in the design. IP cores can be used as building blocks within ASIC chip designs or FPGA logic designs.
IP cores are also licensed for a variety of peripheral controllers such as for PCI Express, SDRAM, ethernet, LCD display, AC’97 audio, and USB.

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3. Hand in Hand with the advancement

Electronics is a field which has seen the technology travel leaps and bounds. IPR has so far been progressing with the advancement. It is very important that protection is awarded and the parameters are constantly checked.

4. Investment Cycle

This is a common factor when all the domains are considered. IPR helps in keeping the investment cycle run. The cycle is helped by IPR by giving protection against counterfeiters and cheaters.

5. Utility model can further benefit the developers

Utility model is not a concept currently available in India but the introduction of Utility model will greatly benefit the people of Electronics Industry. Utility model helps in protecting the minor variations in the technology and it especially is beneficial for Small and Medium enterprises.