Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark introduces a free certification course IP 101 which commences from March 2013. This course is conducted by IIPTA twice every year in 2 different sessions (One in spring and another in autumn). IP 101 helps students, scientists and businessmen to understand the basics of Intellectual Property Rights. This program will provide you basic insights of various instruments of IPR – patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs.

IP 101 will help in in-depth understanding of various international treaties and TRIPS. Further this program will help you understand the application of IPR in IT, Software, Biotechnology and Management and with constant mentor support, it will help you realize a career prospect and growth in IPR.It is one of the main Intellectual Property related program offered by the company which helps you with job opportunities from various renowned companies.

Understanding the fundamentals of Intellectual Property is very important. The course covers the following topics Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Copyright, Design, Trademarks, Plant Variety and Farmer Act, Semiconductor Integrated Circuits layout Design Act, Trade Secret, Unfair Competition, Traditional Knowledge, Introduction to IP Asset Management in Business.

IIPTA with its unique teaching methods had created a website for interacting with teachers, submission of assignments etc. During the time of enrolling, every student is given access to its Cloud Campus facility. We provide you with a provision of reading course content online as well as give you an option of getting all the course content in a easy to read printed book delivered to your home or office address. The certificate will be awarded by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The session of IP 101 starts on 25th March, 2013 and is a 3 month distance learning course.

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