A deep rooted passion to help inventors and educate people about their intellectual property rights, Dr. S. Rama Murthy has 13 years of experience in IPR industry. He holds honorary position of Scientific Advisory in Patent Office, Government of India. He loves to provide his technical opinion in special patent cases referred to him. Meet Dr. S.Rama Murthy, IP Career Success Star.

Dr. S.Rama Murthy- Patent Specialist

Journey so far

He started his journey as scientist and worked hard to become Head of National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. He worked in domain of foil bearings, rotor dynamics, tribology and turbomachines. He filed several patents during his career as scientist. With strong technical expertise, India’s biggest IP outsourcing group CPA global invited him to join as Patent Specialist. In 2011 he was awarded position of Scientific Advisor at Patent Office, Government of India.

The Scientific advisor to controller general of patents is an honorary post and some cases of patents are referred to me to give a technical opinion of the patents. As my name is published in patent office website, people from all over India contact me for any clarification about patenting

Career Satisfaction

He enjoys reading and analyzing new technological inventions. With sound technical expertise and knowledge of procedures to obtain patents, he is happily helping other scientists and keen for #makeinindia concept. He has delivered over 100 lectures to students and professionals in domain of IPR.

I get satisfaction when I make others understand the importance of IPR especially in analyzing patentability of an invention. I have delivered 92 lectures for various organizations on various aspects of IPR. Each lecture was a lesson to me while interacting with the participants.

He completely acknowledges challenges faced by research community. He believes more funding help should be given to inventors for patent filing.

Career Guidance to Readers

Students and teachers should create an environment for children to innovate in all their work thereby creating an IP culture. There should be awards for innovative ideas, to motivate the students, even though all the ideas will not result in inventions. Like there is a boom in IT sector, IP should get a boost.

India needs skilled IPR specialists to compete with other developed countries in the emerging interdisciplinary areas of technology. A patent engineer may expect about 3lakh/annum initially and may go upto 5 lakhs in 2-3 years when once there is IP skill enhancement.

Dr.S.Rama Murthy has recently joined as Professor in Jain University, Bangalore and is keenly working as Scientific Advisor too.