7 Books – Patent Agent Examination Preparation 2022 – Study Material





The book set contains the following titles:

1. Bare Act – Patent Act 1970

Revised with all the latest amendments. We felt that the latest amendments were not updated in the Bare Act available in the market and as the amendments are new, it is likely that there will be questions on them in the exam.

2. Paper 1

A complete book on Paper 1 (the first paper in the exam) of Patent Agent Examination with comprehensive examples, illustrations and activities and expected questions at the end of each chapter.

3. Case Studies

A book of case study based questions and how to solve and write answers for such questions. Most students find it tough and quite time-consuming to solve the case study based questions. So IIPTA came up with a way to break the case and easily answer the questions asked rather than wasting the time on facts and words that are purposefully put into the question to confuse the test taker.

4. Patent Drafting

The most important and most difficult part of the exam needed a special dedicated book. This book covers it all – Patent drafting, claim writing, complete specification writing for different industries and types of intellectual property.

5. Previous Years Papers and Solutions + Sample question papers for practice.

6. Viva Voice

First time a book on what to expect in the viva of Patent Agent Exam and how to prepare for it. The panel who will be taking your viva are seasoned patent examiners, controllers, and professionals. If you do not qualify in the viva, your paper 1 and paper 2 answers will not even be checked and scored.

7. Quick Notes

This is a book consisting of all the chapters and topics for the Patent Agent Exam in the form of slides (4 Slides per page) and is very helpful just before the exam to revise the entire syllabus in a few minutes time.


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