1 Day Boot-Camp on Intellectual Property Rights in Biotechnology Industry



This workshop is designed to create awareness about intellectual property and its increasing role in

modern industry. As more multinational companies are coming to India, IPR is going to play significant

role in building Brand India in near future.



This workshop is designed to understand basic concepts of intellectual property and its role in

businesses across various industries like pharmacy, biotechnology, engineering and manufacturing.

Second part of the workshop will lay emphasis on how to gain career success and expand career options

in various verticals. Choosing right career options using passion, interest and skill will give participants

fresh perspective in career planning.


Key benefits of the program:

1. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign, IPR is trending topic in India. So knowledge of

IPR gives participants how industry is working and utilizing intellectual assets to make profit.

2. Patenting drives research. Understanding how patents can maximize research output, can help

budding scientists, researchers, innovators or entrepreneurs file patents or apply for higher

research grant.

3. Participants can plan to uptake career in IPR and patenting.

4. Learning key tricks of getting dream job will fast track participants’ career road.

5. Learning tips to negotiate salary and earn high packages will increase chances of career success

by 90%.

6. Professional networking skills will help participants gain corporate leadership in future.


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