Mr. Ashish Rana now IP Associate in CPA global, world’s leading Intellectual Property management and Technology Company. Here I’m sharing the success story of one of our alumni.

Ashish is a law student. After his senior secondary and intermediate he decided to get into law field. He completed his B.A.LLB (Hons.) from Maharshi Dayanand University in 2012. After his LLB he started practicing of legal drafting and court appearances in District and High courts of Delhi. He took 3 year experience in legal drafting and various criminal and civil laws. He has done cases related to matrimonial disputes and mediation processes.


But after 3 years of practicing he was not satisfied. That time he was looking for some new work in his own field, where he can earn good salary package. There was a time, may be somewhere in 70s or 80s when only three employments were actually considered as worthy ‘professions’, a doctor; an engineer or a lawyer. Amongst these, being a doctor or an engineer was considered to be the more important ones than law. But now the time have certainly changed. At present law is considered to be one of the most desired careers for youngsters worldwide.


As Ashish says after 3 years of practicing he was looking for a secure job where he can earn good salary package.

One day he got an e-mail from IIPTA for the Job oriented Patent Analyst training program, but that time he was unable to understand about this training program.So that in the next morning he decided to take counseling from IIPTA. He came to IIPTA office with his friend. His friend told him that “Dude you are going to take a wrong decision, they will not going to give you any job opportunity”, and he laughed. But after he got counseling from IIPTA he was very happy. He joined the course as he got to know that the IIPTA is offering job oriented course with very less fee. He joined for Job oriented Patent Analyst training program. .

Under this program he learnt about intellectual property rights, patent searching, IPR law’s, prior art search, tools of patent searching and many more. In this training program she also learnt about Trademarks and Copyrights.

Today he is successfully placed in CPA global, world’s leading Intellectual Property management and technology company on the post of IP associate with very good salary package and he is performing well at his job. At the time he got selected he laughed on his friend. Ashish gives most of the credit of her success to his parents and IIPTA team who always remained very supportive. His dream is to fulfill her parent’s expectations. Here’s wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors.