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An infringement search takes it to the broader perspective and attempts to determine where you could legally market your product. It is only concerned with the enforceable patents and excludes Expired patents, Non-patent literature and Patents in countries where you aren’t marketing.

A potential licensee is already an infringer’ to some extent this is true and hence at IIPTA, every service that may lead to finding a licensee, where it’s focused and validated to provide a good feed back to the client regarding the extent of the infringement, how good or bad can this suit turn out to be for him/her after filing the case.

To go ahead and assume that an infringement suit will be filed upon so and so person or entity it is always better to do an invalidity search on our own patent first to check how strong our case will be eventually.

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What we do?


An infringement search is conducted in order to detect technology, products or specifications that are infringing your patent.


The patent is said to be infringed when someone without authority of the patented invention, uses, makes, sells or even offers to sell the said patented invention within a country, or even if he imports the said invention during the term of the patent.


Identification of the product claim is done that is infringing your product and claim chart are prepared which clearly points out each element of the patent claim that is very clearly present in the infringing product.


The procedure clearly states the analyzing of the manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other relevant documents. Though this technology is almost similar to the freedom to operate search which seeks to ensure that your new or planned product can be brought into the market without the fear of litigations form the patent holders.


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How can we help you?


At IIPTA this is highly advised by our analysts before the case is to be prepared for a suit. Searches are conducted on the patent databases and non-patent literature database to find any supporting element to our claims and infringement suit.


To understand such extents where one can force and limit the scope of the license on the infringer depends on the kind of infringement that has taken place.


IIPTA combines all the scenarios of claim chart, invalidity search, FTOs where a Direct Patent Infringement or Indirect Patent Infringement (Infringement by inducement & Contributory infringement) is found and accordingly the scope is determined if the license has to be exclusive, cross license or plain simple a royalty is agreed upon to further the process of mutual benefit, and also in some cases just a damage fee is to be procured by the Infringer is decided by the experts at IIPTA.


Patent Landscape : Botulinum Neuromodulator

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What do we need from you?

  • A prior art references comprise a wide array of materials, such as issued patents, published patent applications, journals and other non-patent literature, etc.
  • Relevant Prior art to be mapped against the claim of subject patents.
  • List of known competitors practicing in that area of technology.
  • Scope of the search.

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