Patent Filing in Australia

An Australian Patent Application is filed with the Australian Patent Office.Patenting a new idea in Australia or internationally is a relatively straightforward process when working with Patent Attorney. The patent process is one to be embarked on without the advice of patent attorney.  

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Steps For Patent Filing In Australia


File a patent application online: To apply for a patent you must first file an application with the IP Australia.


Disclosure and Publication: After publication your product and process or invention will no longer be a secret. This reflects the public policy that in return for the benefits of being granted a patent, you must allow the product, process or invention to become publicly known so that it can help others to advance technology.


Applying for Innovation Patent: An innovation patent is not examined by IP Australia, unless you request examination. Examination occurs when a patent examiners consider whether there is compliance with certain formalities.

What do we need from you?

  • Technology or product description.
  • A clear definition of the features or sub-components that require clearance.
  • Novel structure, compounds and/or compositions.
  • Scope of the search.
  • List of known competitors practicing in that area of technology (if possible).

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