Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney announces the introduction of Patent Drafting Program as one among the many Intellectual Property related programs offered by the company. This program is focussed mainly on providing an in-depth understanding and writing of patent language in an advanced level.

Patent drafting is one of the most important skill that a IP recruiter of any company expects from a candidate aspiring to work in IP field. Drafting a patent is not an easy task and needs a lot of assistance from experienced personnels. The institute aims at lifting up a beginner in patent drafting to professional standards.

The company offers 1 month distance learning program to help the candidates acquire a professional standard of drafting the patents. This program consists of 6 modules namely Introduction to Patent Drafting, Claim Writing Techniques, Apparatus Claims, Process and Product Claims, Chemical Claims, Biotech Claims. It sufficiently covers detailed syllabi, suggested readings of books and titles and all the basic tools and methods essential for drafting the claims for a patent. Audio-video lectures will also be conducted by experts. Course study material will be sent to enrolled students by courier.

With a course fee of Rs 15,000 only, the next session of Patent drafting program starts on 15th March 2013. Last date for registration is 22nd February, 2013.

About Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney is a reputed institute which provides intellectual property services and educate young innovators around the globe. The Institute was found in 2009 and with the funding by Mabbit Group, has been established as Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Education and Research Private Limited, headquartered at Delhi, India. IIPTA ™ has pan India acclaim for its unmatched quality services and soon spreading its reach to international market. As a service provider IIPTA has given national and international clientele seeking IP consulting in global protection, business analytics and IP management.

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