The e-commerce giant found that it could sell anything behind the truck decorated with a large top circus theme. Amazon also filed a patent for it. Amazon’s Treasure Truck, the retailer’s deal programs that offers discounts on select items paid for online then picked up in person from an actual truck, is expanding across the U.S. First announced back in 2015 in Seattle, then rolled out the following year, Treasure Truck initially appeared to be some sort of one-off marketing experiment, but its recently granted patent and forthcoming nationwide launch now seem to indicate broader plans for Amazon’s attempt at crossing online and real-world shopping.

Treasure Truck launched in Seattle more than a year ago. The patent was issued covering the ornamental design for the heavily modified Isuzu cab-over truck. The truck usually stocks one or two types of discounted gifts in a month, and delivers in some places in the Seattle area. Compared to treasure trucks compared to an ice cream truck for adults: Amazon app users can get alerts about deals on their smartphones. Earlier this month, the truck made a rare pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

About the patent
• The patent lays out a series of sketches for the truck’s boxy back end, festooned with electronic display strips.
• The marquee sign on the top the cab and cities GeekWire’s “First Look” as part of the documentation.
• The truck rolls, it’s packed with just one item at a time
• It could be sometimes new, trending, local or delicious
• The goal with Treasure Truck so far has been to bring limited quantity items to customers in a unique format.

Amazon has not officially said anything yet, but it is in search of a product manager to identify which cities are mature to pick up and oversee the expansion plan. Treasury trucks will deal with real estate issues. There is also an inauguration for a senior business development manager to deal with.