Under the umbrella of “Copyright Coalition”, the collective body of the bodies related to the proposed Copyright Amendment Bill has written to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Trade and Industry, which they believe weakens the creator’s copyrights.

The organizations-SAMRO, CAPASSO, DALRO, RiSA, SAMPRA, MASA AND MPA SA – Collectively represent the book’s writers and publishers, as well as most of the country’s music creators and publishers. When we welcome DTI’s intention to modernize copyright rule, as the Copyright Alliance, we are concerned that some provisions in the bill, if passed in law, should be very helpful to the creators to save this bill, “South African Music Rights Association said SAMRO) CEO Nothanda Migogo.

Copyright Amendment bill suggests
The Copyright Amendment Bill shows that users of copyright-protected material (e.g. broadcaster, digital music services) should enjoy privileges similar to the creators of that content. This would mean that the user has been given the right to receive income, royalties from such materials which are not hiss. It is in direct conflict with the fundamental principles of copyright law, “said Migogo. It will naturally undermine the revenue payable to the creators in music and literary industries, and will put them in further financial crisis.

Automatic loss of Copyright
Further, where the state or other organization commits a creator to make the material, the bill proposes that such a commission triggers an automatic loss of copyright in that material – a proposal that composers and writers have to make from SAMRO (royalty to execution) To lose their current rights) to earn rights) and CAPASSO (revenue of mechanical rights) when, for example, broadcaster subscribes to their work The industry. This would also theoretically apply to filmmakers funded by the state, who would lose control of their should they forfeit their copyright ownership.

Major concern is around the Bill’s
The last major concern of the Copyright Alliance is increasingly important and is to create a mark in cases where copyrighted material can be used, sometimes by multinational organizations, without compensation, or even alerting, copyright owner, Migogo said. In the current version of the Act, creator knows when her song or book can be used without compensating her for such use.

Vague concept of law
It introduces law to a very vague concept, which will force many songwriters and writers to contact the courts in an effort to keep their copyright secure. This ambiguous concept of “fair use” is a direct import from the United States, which is a very controversial society where the court system works very fast compared to here in South Africa.

A question comes after this:
“It is confusing how we work for strong systems (law and institutions), to ensure that the creators have to live a better quality life and they are able to retire and are capable of receiving respect, then Even our legislators have extended those laws. In what way can the legislators keep educational writers of prescribed schools at a place where a university buys a copy of the book and copies it for 2,000 students without any compensation to its author?

After writing the portfolio committee considering the bill to clarify their concerns on the bill, he said, “Copyright Alliance is ready to engage the committee in a workshop to demonstrate how copyright and literary Based on industries “.