In today’s highly competitive IP environment, your business and IP strategiesmust be getting dressed to maximize the value of your intellectp59_ladyual property assets, work as a valuable corporate asset and a strategic business tool. Recently a magazine research indicates that over 50% of the value of many business organizations is attributed to IP. Increasing significance of IP is forcing business organizations to actively manage IP, which is involved everywhere in this world of business – both in tangible and intangible mode-and the experts dealing with intangible assets are called IP Managers and it is one of the most demanding fields of property management. It takes a high degree of analytical and critical thinking, as well as motivation to perform tasks with proficiency. It will be under your realm to have control of a secure budget, contracts, advertising needs, and relationships with contractors, financial representatives, owners, and occupants. They are trained to view various standpoints at the same time and develop interdisciplinary strategies.
IP as a knowledge -based asset has different characteristics from tangible goods. IP temporarily transforms this pure public asset into private asset, if these aspects of IP are taken into consideration then sustained competitive advantages can be achieved.

IP Managers are experts

To advise on all matters related to Intellectual Property protection.
To secure and safeguard Intellectual Property generated in company under appropriate legislations in India & Abroad.
To maintain patent databases and disseminate technical information contained in patent documents amongst scientists.
To maintain Patents Inspection Centre established under the Indian Patents Act, 1970
To organize various programmers’ for enhancing awareness about the IP laws and their operation at international & international levels.
To train scientists in labs about the identification of patent-able inventions and their legal protection.

Protection of IP

Securing IP rights for company’s R&D
Patent Information Services
Maintaining Information system on Patents
Safeguarding of IP rights
Enhancing awareness about IP system.

As we know that 96% of the patent portfolio is useless, hence only IP manager can evaluate and mange them. IP Management in most Indian companies is still at an elementary stage. IP manager is the mingling of Science, law and management. So this field is really innovative for students and Indian economy too.

Explain how to develop and implement a successful IPM strategy

That’s the reason of hiring an intellectual property (IP) management firm brings a lot of benefits to the owner. One of the greatest benefits it brings is the owner gets to know his or her intellectual property rights. These IP rights provide owners the unique IP rights of commercial leverage in the market place. It also provides protection to the owners against their competitors.