Can a programming language be infringed? Oracle has filed an infringement suit against Google for using JAVA language for their Android mobile operating system.

The case is all about whether it is a violation of copy right or not. Java programming language’s application programming interface (API). An API is basically a set of instructions that tell an application how to interact with something else on the computer. Google copied the Java API though nothing else from the language was copied and Google wanted to make Android accessible to JAVA developers for their Android Phones.

Oracle claimed that it is a copyright infringement in the API, but the lower court said “API cannot be protected by copy right” appeared favourable to Google. Oracle not stopping with it appealed the case to the Supreme court. And supreme court has proceed the case after getting advice from the federal government.

Does a programming language can have copy right? Experts say copy rights for programming language like java is uncertain and copying and reusing the programming language is common. Further, every site, application, device or tool has an API that allows connected programs, devices, etc. to communicate with it.

Now a days, many programming developers create API which resembles to the existing one in the same field to encourage other to create applications for it, and this would never impact on use of API for its intended function.

And if API or Programming language can be protected through copyright, it will be a great difficulty for lot of developers

What is an API? it’s a very complex technical term and it’s not something that directly impacts a large number of people outside of the tech community. Explaining what an API is can be very difficult.

If Oracle wins, it is unlikely that this will be the last such lawsuit filed. Still, the case has the potential to drastically change how various applications and devices talk to one another and could result in a great deal of additional litigation

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