Siddharth Khanna is the Manager of Operations at CPA Global with around 6 years of experience under his belt. He is one of those people who had graduated as a software engineer. Like most of them he too had to choose between becoming a regular coder/programmer or do something different with his career. He choose the path of IPR.

Siddharth Khanna CPA Global

WHY IPR and not continue on the path of becoming a programmer or coder?


Not satisfied with the prospects available for him and not content with being a guy who has to enter the codes designed. He wanted to offer much more as he believed he could. He opted a different route and choose to expand his horizon.

Intellectual property is all about knowing tomorrow, TODAY. The innovation and the technology that would be commercially available after a decade from now, is available for you to know today. However it comes with a rider, that you need to keep it confidential.

This is a niche industry, if you look for the dream of having onsite opportunity stay with the IT field and away from IP. However if you plan to know tomorrows technology today and leverage it for your growth you can keep yourself free for IP.

The Transformation from a Software Engineer:

Starting at Evalueserve as a Research Associate he entered IPR. Being a MBA degree holder as well he continued in sales at CPA Global. At CPA Global he grew with time and became the Assistant Manager. Currently, he is the Manager of Operations at CPA Global.

It happened by chance, and I am glad that I met with this accident. I wanted to anything but sit and type boring codes and algorithms for which code is available across on the net and the coder generally does a copy-paste with slight tweaks to the code; The other option was joining a BPO which again did not solve the purpose. Hence, came the field Intellectual property. It was interesting, challenging and at the same time rewarding.


The Road Ahead with IPR:

Mr.Khanna is responsible for service delivery, managing people, project management, business awareness and performance management. He is a person who is well aware of the competition in the market. The IPR scene in India is blossoming and with the rise of many start-ups the road looks competitive.

It is an extremely niche industry, with a zillion of start-ups coming up. In spite of these coming up there is ample business in the market to cater to them, without any of these biting into  each other profits.

We at IIPTA wish Mr.Siddharth Khanna a prosperous road ahead and thank him for his generous input.