Apple’s Patent number 9,454,225 On 4 October 2016 for a human machine interface, an interfaces that combine multiple user interaction modalities. It is a method that will receive a three-dimensional (3D) map of at least a part of a body of a user.

The evolution is from the keypad, pen touch, and now with a tap and swipe on the screen with touch pad that made everything easy for a user to operate smart systems and it did not stop with that, now a new era has been dawn for the use on gaze and gestures to operate smart systems.

How it works is it receives a two dimensional (2D) image of the user the image includes an eye of the user it extracts from the 3D map and the 2D image also the 3D coordination of the head of the user and the Identification is done based on the 3D coordination of the head and the image of the eye, a direction of a gaze performed by the user.

Certain cell phones, video games, and computer peripherals have already been implemented with motion controls but Apple applies the technology to a three-dimensional space and a set of transitions that let the system recognize when it needs to be paying attention to the person in front of it.

The system can receive hand gestures through camera and can act in response. To say in simple like how we watched in Hollywood movies example “AVATAR” hand gestures may use to open a file, move the file and execute operations.

And Apple is not the first big tech company to come out with gesture control technologies. Already Microsoft had done experiments with its Kinect device, which tracks movements and responds to human voices, on its Xbox video game consoles for several years. However, the tech has yet to see widespread adoption, and Microsoft went so far as to remove Kinect from the Xbox One due to its high price and privacy concerns.

Though it is an exclamation invention and the company is very much interested in such type of inventions it leaves a question behind of how many users will be using and can afford for this.

When Samsung did not have that much luck with the gesture controls either, it tried out the technology with its 2012 8000 series of HD TVs. Apple had a very good chance of succeeding where others failed. Fairly owning patents is always is a fantastic thing.


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