Samsung Group: is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol (business conglomerate). Notable Samsung industrial affiliates include Samsung Electronics (the world’s 2nd largest information technology company measured by 2015 revenues, and 5th in market value), Samsung Heavy Industries (the world’s 2nd largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues), and Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T (respectively the world’s 13th and 36th largest construction companies).Other notable subsidiaries include Samsung Life Insurance (the world’s 14th largest life insurance company), Samsung Everland (operator of Everland Resort, the oldest theme park in South Korea)and Cheil Worldwide (the world’s 15th largest advertising agency measured by 2012 revenues).

SAMSUNG’s Contributions to the IT sector

In January 2016, Samsung announced it will be working with Microsoft to develop IoT devices based on Windows 10, where the companies will work together to develop products that will run on the platform, as well as integrate with other companies developing hardware and services on Microsoft’s OS. Samsung released a fitness smartwatch called the Gear Fit 2 and a brand of wireless earbuds called Gear Icon X. On 2 August 2016, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, which went on sale on 19 August 2016. However, in early September 2016, Samsung suspended sales of the phone and announced an informal recall. This occurred after some units of the phones had batteries with a defect that caused them to produce excessive heat, leading to fires and explosions. Samsung replaced the recalled units of the phones with a new version; however, it was later discovered that the new version of the Galaxy Note7 also had the battery defect. Samsung recalled all Galaxy Note7 smartphones worldwide on 10 October 2016, and permanently ended production of the phone the following day. On 31 August 2016, Samsung announced the Gear S3 smartwatch, which was released on 18 November 2016.
With the advent of the recent technology trends in Samsung, it has always come up with most awaited patent applications. Recent survey depicts that Samsung has been put in top 10 companies.

US 9,678,622 B2

A visual element operation method in a terminal, the method comprising;
• receiving an input for designating a preset non-use period;
• outputting, on a specific page, a visual element adjusted based on a non-use period of the visual element and the preset non-use period;
• generating an additional page; and
• moving, when the non-use period of the visual element is at least equal to the preset non-use period, a portion of the visual element onto the additional page while retaining a remaining portion of the visual element on the specific page,
• Wherein the additional page includes the moved portion of a visual element classified based on a type of an application corresponding to the visual element and a non-use period of the visual element.