A patent filed by Facebook patent detailing plans for a modular smartphone. The patent shows a design that consumers can match by mixing different hardware components compatible with the base frame. The information from the patent does not specify whether this device is a smart phone or not. It is possible, based on the images in the document, it can also be Amazon’s Alexa like smart-home speaker.

This is not the first time when we have seen the concept of a modular device, and this patent is certainly not indicating that Facebook is developing and producing the product. In the technological world, patents do not predict about the future, remembering the evaporator patent apple in the past.
However, we would love to see a quality modular phone. According to the patent, this is to create an upgradable device platform that does not require consumers to buy new devices at all times in hardware changes.

About the patent
Patent no. – US2017/0208700A1
• Traditional consumer electronics have a short life cycle that consumers buy consumer electronics, which use edge technology, to know that their electronics are in the near future. The lifecycle of conventional consumer electronics is expensive and useless.
• If it detects that the device is a phone or a similar consumer-based device, it may be a game-changer, potentially, instead of being forced to open it completely for new devices, during advances in technology upgrade your phone.
• This product will do it anytime soon in the market, but this concept is exciting and according to business insider there is a prior experience of the group working on the device some developers worked on Google’s modular project did.

Get your Hopes Up
We will provide major quality equipment that we choose and choose what pieces are used to use the ‘heart’ feedback for our experiments. The approach is not very good for the previous modular phone, however, so do not get your expectations.