To begin with, the AirPods charging case doubles as a portable battery charging device which when placed on a flat surface turns into an Apple Watch charging pad. This is due to the incorporation of a “wireless power transmitting component”. The charging case will provide power for both the AirPods internally as well as a separate external device.

Apple filed a patent last year which was recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The new filing details the future prospects of the AirPods charging case that could simultaneously charge headphones along with an Apple Watch or iPhone. It’s true that Apple files a lot of patents but it does not mean that it it will see daylight any time soon. So let’s dive in to see some more details on how the patent visualizes the AirPods charging case and how it could possibly be used.

Patent details

As per the patent, it details various ways by which the case can detect if an external device can be charged. This operation includes the integration of multiple sensors, a button or a mechanical interlock. If any of these methods are initiated, the AirPods charging case would begin transmitting power to an external device.

“Such devices can include, for example, portable music players (e.g., MP3 devices and Apple’s iPod devices), portable video players (e.g., portable DVD players), cellular telephones (e.g., smart telephones such as Apple’s iPhone devices), video cameras, digital still cameras, projection systems (e.g., holographic projection systems), gaming systems, PDAs, as well as tablet (e.g., Apple’s iPad devices), laptop (e.g. MacBooks) or other mobile computers. Some of these devices can be configured to provide audio, video or other data or sensory output.”

Apart from this, the AirPods charging case will feature a complete waterproof design. Altogether, this will also provide protection for the AirPods situated inside the charging case. The Apple patent describes multiple ways by which the AirPods charging case will be resistant to water. It could include a complete seal to prevent water seeping into the case or be resistant to water up to 100 feet for 30 min. While the next in line iPhone is rumored to feature wireless charging, the addition of a wireless charger makes sense. However, Apple might use its in-house methods of wireless charging, for instance the inductive charging on the Apple Watch. Other details regarding wireless charging remains are scarce and pretty unclear at this point.