It is interesting to see on how Motorola Is going to handle the cases, and people are waiting to know which path will Motorola choose either recall those infringing devices including the Moto G and Moto X, and remove Moto Maker access from Germany or will they file appeal to fight to patent holder. Chances of they may also get a licensing agreement with LKPF and pay them for using their patent

German laser specialist, LPKF, has just issued a statement announcing that  they have won a preliminary victory in court pertaining to a patent they own and the patent is for Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) and has to do with the placement of the antenna in the curved plastic design of the Moto X as well as other Motorola devices. Motorola’s Moto X and Moto G are allegedly infringing upon patents of LPKF.

LDS Technology:

Laser Direct Structuring is a technology used to add an antenna radiator or circuit pattern directly onto plastic. The technology can be used on freeform 3D surfaces; this improves antenna performance significantly compared to traditional 2D and 2.5D solutions.

The three main process steps are moulding, laser structuring and plating. The laser-structured (activated) area is selectively plated in an electroless plating process with copper, nickel and optionally electrolytic gold on the contact pads.

The advantages of LDS antennas, other than full 3D antenna application, are easy design changes in radiator patterns, making the tuning process effective. The advantages are radiator positioning with the laser is precise and stable, and no time-consuming and inaccurate assembly of antennas onto plastic cover or carrier parts is needed still.

For Moto makers Germany being the first country outside of the United States to get access. This made many customers very happy but it also got the attention of LPKF as well. The Mannheim Regional Court says that both Motorola USA and Motorola Deutschland is infringing on LPKF’s patent and must stop selling a number of devices in Germany. It’s interesting to note that this specific patent has already been declared invalid in China. This particular case is schedule to be reopened though, so maybe Motorola isn’t completely in the clear.

People are quick to complain about companies like Motorola and Google for not selling devices or opening up services to specific countries. When in reality, there are certain restrictions, rules and regulations that corporations must obey if the wish to do business in said countries. Let’s hope for the best and maybe Motorola will not lose much business over this ordeal.

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