Want to know what your boss thinks about you?
Feel unsure whether your friends like you?
Or just plain fed up with your girlfriend’s rant because she feels you do not understand her emotion?

I am pretty sure this patent is going to blow your mind right away!!! How I wish there were a pair of glasses which could read what was going in my girlfriend’s head but sadly that has not been worked out yet. I am sorry if I got the hopes up of all the frustrated boyfriends out there, who must be clueless like me and do not understand the reason for the girlfriend being pissed off. There was a time in my life when my ex’s rant almost chopped my head off because she was pissed of with me and I can honestly tell it till this day that I do not know the reason for her being pissed off ( but I can tell you one thing she had a vicious temper and her words could chop down even a huge tree).

Well coming to the point, Microsoft has been awarded a patent for a pair of glasses which can read a person’s emotions. This is still pretty good enough for us guys out there. I personally would love to know when my girlfriend is happy and honestly I do not understand how she feels when I gift her something or surprise her.(Well i wouldn’t want her bitching about my gift to her girl friends and cracking jokes).

Wearable emotion detection and feedback system

Well this pair of glasses helps in detecting the emotions of the person talking to you. These pair of glasses can identify a person’s emotions and can relay it to the person wearing the glasses. I hope I save enough money to buy this pair of glasses so that I can detect what her expression is when I gift her the next time.


Well you can tell a person’s mood from the way he talks and how his voice modulates but in most of the scenarios it is possible only if you know that person over a period of time. There are many factors which can go undetected to an untrained eye. So this pair of glasses is fixed with sensor which detect the audio and visual behaviour of the person. The slightest modulation is also bound to be picked up with the microphone attached on the nose bridge. This data received will be compared with the “database of human/primate gestures/expressions, posture, and speech” and then the interpretation will displayed on the head mounted display i.e.,on the glass.

Wearable Glass 

Well the purpose is simple enough, if you have enough money to afford and you feel diffident in a crowd or insecure and you feel the need to identify people’s feelings then you can purchase this product
I hope very soon Microsoft comes with a pair of glasses which read minds, at least that way I can stay out of any further trouble!